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A. Applicability

1. Development with vehicular use areas exceeding 3,000 square feet (including accessory drives and aisles but excluding areas under canopies and within structured parking) shall provide and maintain landscaped areas based upon the surfaced vehicular use area.

B. Standards

1. General

a. Areas used for landscaping shall be provided in the amount equivalent to at least 15% of the vehicular use area, and shall be used for planting trees and shrubs according to the standards below.

b. Minimum curb radii of three feet shall be required on the corners of all tree islands and medians to allow for free movement of motor vehicles around planting materials. All islands or medians shall have raised edging or other devices (such as wheel stops) around them to protect plants from being damaged by motor vehicles.

2. Trees

a. Tree planting areas shall be located such that no portion of a parking space is farther than 50 feet from a canopy tree trunk.

b. Trees shall be planted at a rate of one two-inch caliper canopy tree per 2,000 square feet of vehicular use area.

c. Landscaped areas surrounded by impervious surfaces shall have a minimum width of 10 feet when they include canopy or understory trees, and shall contain at least 200 square feet of growing area per tree, unless a larger growing area per tree is specified in the Landscape Manual.

3. Shrubs

One shrub shall be required per 250 square feet of vehicular use area.

C. Maintenance

All canopy trees located within vehicular use areas shall be limbed up to a height of six feet to allow for clear views under them.