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A. Except as otherwise provided herein flags shall be displayed on flagpoles.

B. In nonresidential zoning districts, flagpoles shall not exceed the maximum height allowed in the zoning district or 70 feet, whichever is less.

C. Flagpoles shall not be placed on top of buildings unless they are located in the Downtown Tier.

D. In residential districts, flagpoles shall not exceed 25 feet in height unless a special use permit is granted by the Board of Adjustment. A fee shall not be charged for a use permit request for a flag in a residential district.

E. A vertical flag pole shall be set back from all property boundaries a distance which is at least equal to the height of the pole.

F. The maximum dimensions of any flag shall be proportional to the flagpole height. The hoist side of the flag shall not exceed 20% of the vertical height of the pole. In addition, flags are subject to the following dimensional limitations.

Pole Height (feet)

Max. Flag Size
(square feet)

Up to 25


25 to 29


30 to 34


35 to 39


40 to 49


50 to 59


60 to 70


G. Each property shall be allowed a maximum of three flagpoles unless a special use permit is granted by the Board of Adjustment.

H. A maximum of three flags shall be allowed per flagpole.

I. The flag and flagpole shall be maintained in good repair. A flagpole with broken halyards shall not be used and flags which are torn or frayed shall not be displayed.

J. On United States and North Carolina holidays, there shall be no maximum flag size or number or other limitations on manner of display.

K. This section shall not be interpreted to restrict the right to display eligible flags as banners or noncommercial signage under Article 11, Sign Standards. Flags mounted directly on a building wall shall expressly be considered signs and shall be subject to Article 11, Sign Standards.