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Any trees preserved on a development tract in order to meet Ordinance requirements or otherwise indicated to be preserved shall meet the following protection standards.

A. Protection measures to be used during grading and construction, including details of the tree protection fence(s) and its location(s), shall be shown on the site, landscape, grading, utility, demolition, and erosion control plans.

B. Root protection zones shall be established around all trees to be preserved. The root protection zone shall either be a six-foot radius around the tree or a one foot radius for every inch of tree dbh, whichever is greater.

C. A tree protection fence constructed of a material resistant to degradation by sun, wind, and moisture for the duration of the construction, shall be installed at the same time as the erosion control measures, and shall remain in place until all construction is complete. Such fencing shall be mounted on metal posts placed no further than ten feet apart. Silt fencing shall not serve as tree protection fencing.

D. At the start of grading involving the lowering of the existing grade around a tree or stripping of topsoil, a clean, sharp, vertical cut shall be made at the edge of the tree save area at the same time as other erosion control measures are installed. Tree protection fencing shall be installed on the side of this cut farthest away from the tree trunk. This procedure shall be incorporated as a note on the grading and erosion control plans.

E. No storage of materials, dumping of waste materials, fill, or parking of equipment shall be allowed within the root protection zone, and no trespassing shall be allowed within the boundary of the root protection zone, and shall be so noted on the grading and erosion control plans and posted at each end of the tree protection fence with perimeter signs spaced a maximum of 100 feet on center thereafter. Each sign shall read “no trespassing/tree protection area” and “prohibido entrar/zona protectora para los arboles”.