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A. General

Outdoor storage is more intensive than outdoor display. Materials stored in outdoor storage are not normally brought indoors overnight.

B. Class A Outdoor Storage

1. Class A outdoor storage is defined as garden supplies, building supplies, plants, vehicle sales and services, manufactured home sales, play equipment, and other similar items.

2. Areas used for Class A outdoor storage shall be permitted following review and approval of a site plan illustrating the extent of the area proposed for outdoor storage, provided it meets the following standards:

a. No outdoor storage shall be allowed in street yards or within 15 feet of any public right-of-way, whichever is greater.

b. No outdoor storage shall be permitted within required vehicular use areas.

c. Outdoor storage can be located to the side of a building, provided it is not located within the side yard.

d. Any rear yard can be used for outdoor storage purposes, except in the SRP District.

C. Class B Outdoor Storage

1. Class B outdoor storage is defined as material stored in crates, boxes, or shipping containers; lumber yards; pipe; wrecking, junk, and salvage yards; vehicle storage yards; and other similar uses.

2. In addition to the requirements of paragraph B.2 above, areas used for Class B outdoor storage shall be screened from view from the public right-of-way, public vehicular use areas, or adjacent residential development pursuant to Sec. 9.7, Screening.

D. Outdoor Storage in SRP District

1. Outdoor storage shall not be permitted in required yards.

2. Outdoor storage shall be screened according to Class B standards.