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A. Open space shall be required in all districts in accordance with Article 6, District Intensity Standards, except that certain residential developments can make payment in lieu of providing required open space provided that the development:

1. Is not a conservation subdivision under paragraph 6.2.4, Conservation Subdivision;

2. Is not a cluster subdivision under Sec. 6.7, Cluster Subdivision;

3. Contains ten or fewer units; and

4. Contains no engineered stormwater controls.

Payment in lieu of required private open space for recreational purposes under this section is available in addition to payment-in-lieu available under Sec. 12.4, Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility, and Sec. 12.5, Recreation Land.

B. Payment-in-lieu shall be an amount equivalent to the tax value of the amount of usable property that would have been required for open space. Payments, when authorized, shall be expended within the respective recreation district within which collected.

C. In Cluster Subdivisions, the quantity of open space shall be equal to the reduction in total lot area, in addition to the open space required in the zoning districts in Sec. 6.3, Residential Suburban Development Intensity, Sec. 6.4, Residential Urban Development Intensity, or Sec. 6.5, Residential Compact Development Intensity, as applicable.

D. For Design Districts, all open space requirements shall be pursuant to Article 16, Design Districts, unless otherwise indicated. If conflicts arise between Article 16, Design Districts, and this section, the more stringent regulation shall apply.

E. Cluster Box Units (CBUs)

CBUs, if required, shall be considered a component of any open space. However, all applicable development requirements shall apply.