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A. Maximum Residential Density

Residential density shall not exceed the maximum densities set forth in paragraph 6.3.1A, Dimensional Standards.

B. RS-M District Major Roadway Density Bonus

An increase in the maximum residential density of one unit per acre is allowed for all parcels in the RS-M District, or as authorized elsewhere within the Ordinance, if at least one of the following conditions is met:

1. Parcels maintain at least 500 feet of frontage on a major thoroughfare or boulevard that is not a full or limited control-of-access facility.

2. Parcels maintain at least 500 feet of frontage on a service road for a full or limited control-of-access facility, and the development utilizes the service road for at least one access point pursuant to paragraph 12.2.4, External Access Required.

C. Lot Averaging

Lot area averaging, as more specifically set forth in Sec. 7.1, Housing Types, is permitted, provided that:

1. The maximum reduction allowed is 15% of the minimum lot area;

2. The average area of all lots in the subdivision meets or exceeds the minimum lot area; and

3. The overall density of the subdivision does not exceed the maximum permitted residential density.

Commentary: Some lots in a proposed conventional subdivision can be reduced in area by up to 15% (for example, a 10,000 SF lot could be reduced to 8,500 SF), provided that other lots exceed 10,000 SF and the overall average lot area is 10,000 SF or greater.

D. Application of Density Requirements for Single-Family and Two-Family Development

For single-family and two-family developments, the density requirements in paragraph 6.3.1A, Dimensional Standards, do not apply if the project does not require subdivision or site plan approval.