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A. Dimensions

1. Standard Flag Lot

The extension, or “pole,” for flag lots shall be a minimum of 20 feet in width.

2. Reduced Pole Width Option

In the Urban Tier and lots with RU zoning in the Suburban Tier, the extension, or “pole,” for flag lots can be a minimum of 12 feet in width. The following shall also apply:

a. Only one flag lot with a pole less than 20 feet shall be subdivided from a parent parcel.

b. Only ribbon driveways shall be allowed if vehicular access is not taken from an alley. Standards for such driveways shall be pursuant to paragraph 7.1.2C.4.a, Driveway Design.

c. Structure Size and Height Limit

The primary structure on a flag lot with a pole less than 20 feet shall have a maximum height of 25 feet and maximum size of 1,200 square feet.

(1) A plat shall be recorded to specify the house size limitations.

(2) Primary structures existing prior to February 25, 2019, shall not be limited to these standards and may be improved in accordance to the applicable single-family detached housing type standards and other applicable standards.

(3) A vacant flag lot with a pole of less than 20 feet recorded prior to the effective date of these standards may be developed as a standard flag lot.

d. Remaining Standard Lot

The minimum lot width of the remaining standard lot created from the parent parcel shall be 35 feet.

B. Setbacks

The front setback on any flag lot shall be the equivalent side yard setback established in Sec. 7.1, Housing Types, for the particular housing type proposed for use on the lot. Flag lots shall not be held to street yard requirements pursuant to Sec. 6.8, Infill Development in Residential Districts.

C. Access

Where a flag lot abuts an improved and maintained alley, motor vehicle access shall only be taken from the alley.

D. Driveways

Driveways shall be shared with a recorded shared access agreement for multiple flag lots, and for the new flag lot and remaining standard lot if the driveway for the standard lot is new or to be relocated.