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A. New buildings in the Transitional Office Overlay shall maintain a single-family detached residential appearance and scale. Residential appearance and scale shall expressly include details from residential uses within 150 feet of the overlay area. Such details may include the following features:

1. Roof type, including extent of eaves, if any;

2. Porches or other similar articulation of the front façade;

3. Size, pattern and location of windows and doors; and

4. Garage or parking location.

B. The underlying district dimensional standards shall be met, except where expressly modified in this paragraph.

1. The maximum height of a new building shall be 35 feet.

2. The maximum length of a new building shall not exceed 80 feet.

3. The maximum floor area of any nonresidential use in the overlay or aggregation of multiple nonresidential uses in a single building shall be 5,000 square feet.

C. All nonresidential activity (except that allowed within a residential district) shall occur within a completely enclosed building.

D. The residential appearance of buildings shall be furthered by the retention of street lawns free of vehicle parking. All off-street parking spaces shall be located no closer to the principal street than the front building line, regardless of any required yard or building setback.