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The Planning Commission shall have the following powers and duties.

A. Review Authority

1. The Planning Commission shall be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding the following:

a. Adoption of or amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and related plans;

b. Amendments to the text of this Ordinance;

c. Applications for zoning map change;

d. Applications for historic district designation;

e. Adoption of or amendment to redevelopment plans as set forth in NCGS §160A-513; and

f. The Planning Department Annual Work Plan.

2. All decisions and recommendations of the Planning Commission shall require an affirmative vote. Tie votes shall be considered decisions or recommendations for denial.

3. The Planning Commission shall perform related duties as directed by the governing bodies.

4. The Planning Commission may exercise additional powers as may be described elsewhere in this Ordinance and as permitted by the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement on City-County Planning.

B. Annual Report

The Planning Commission shall prepare an annual report and submit it to the Board of Commissioners and the City Council. The annual report shall include a comprehensive review of the Planning Commission’s activities, problems, and actions of the Planning Commission and any budget requests or other recommendations.