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Obstruction: When used in reference to Sec. 8.4, Floodplain and Flood Damage Protection Standards, includes, but is not limited to, any dam, wall, wharf, embankment, levee, dike, pile, abutment, protection, excavation, channelization, bridge, conduit, culvert, building, wire, fence, rock, gravel, refuse, fill, structure, vegetation or other material in, along, across or projecting into any watercourse which may alter, impede, retard or change the direction and/or velocity of the flow of water, or due to its location, its propensity to snare or collect debris carried by the flow of water, or its likelihood of being carried downstream.

Office: A room, group of rooms, or building whose primary use is the conduct of a business, professional service, or governmental activity of a non-retail nature; including administration, record keeping, clerical work, and similar functions. This definition is not meant to include manufacturing, processing, repair, or storage of materials or products.

Opacity: The surface area of a fence, wall or buffer that is impenetrable to light when viewed perpendicularly to the plane of the fence, wall or buffer.

Open Space: Areas of a development that allow for light, air, wildlife habitat, and for scenic and recreational use. Also included are areas designed to enhance the privacy or general appearance of a development. Private open space is open space that is owned by a corporation, individual, or house owners association. Public open space is open space owned by a governmental jurisdiction.

Orientation: The directional placement of a structure or element in relation to its surroundings, the street and other structures.

Outparcel: Individual retail sites in a retail center that, when combined, are less than the square footage of the attached retail spaces which form the majority of the square footage of the center.

Owner: Any person having charge of any real property according to the records held by the Register of Deeds.