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Sec. 17.2 Abbreviations

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BFE: Base Flood Elevation

BMP: Best Management Practices

BOA: Board of Adjustment

CC: Commercial Center

CD: Compact Design

CD-C: Compact Design – Core

CD-P: Compact Design – Pedestrian Business

CD-S1: Compact Design – Support 1

CD-S2: Compact Design – Support 2

CG: General Commercial

CI: Commercial Infill

CLOMR: Conditional Letter of Map Revision

CN: Neighborhood Commercial

CSD : Compact Suburban Design

CSD-C : Compact Suburban Design-Core

CSD-S1 : Compact Suburban Design-Support 1

CSD-S2 : Compact Suburban Design-Support 2

dbh: Diameter at breast height

DD: Downtown Design

DD-C: Downtown Design – Core

DD-S1: Downtown Design – Support 1

DD-S2: Downtown Design – Support 2

DENR: North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

DEQ: North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

DOST: Durham Open Space and Trails Commission

DWR or Division: North Carolina Division of Water Resources

FAR: Floor Area Ratio

Fc: Foot-candles

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIRM: Flood Insurance Rate Map

FIS: Flood Insurance Study

GIS: Geographic Information System

(-H): Historic District Overlay

HAG: Highest Adjacent Grade

HPC: Historic Preservation Commission

HQW: High Quality Water

I: Industrial

IL: Light Industrial

IP: Industrial Park

JCCPC: Joint City-County Planning Committee

L: Permitted Subject to Limitations

LAG: Lowest Adjacent Grade

Ldn: Day-night average sound level

LOMR: Letter of Map Revision

m or M: Minor or Major Special Use Permit, respectively

MU: Mixed Use

MUTCD : Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NCDOT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCGS: North Carolina General Statute

NRCS: Natural Resource Conservation Service

NFIP: National Flood Insurance Program

NGVD: National Geodetic Vertical Datum

OI: Office Institutional

P: Permitted Use

PDR: Planned Density Residential

RC: Residential Compact

ROW: Right-of-way

RR: Residential Rural

RS: Residential Suburban

RU: Residential Urban

SARA: Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SFHA: Special Flood Hazard Area

SRP: Science Research Park

SRP-C: Science Research Park – Center

SUP: Special Use Permit

TDM: Transportation Demand Management

TIA: Traffic Impact Analysis

TUA: Transitional Use Areas

UC: University and College

UDO: Unified Development Ordinance

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

USGS: United States Geologic Survey

WSE: Water Surface Elevation

(-A60, -A65): Airport Overlay

(-MTC): Major Transportation Corridor Overlay

(-P): Neighborhood Protection Overlay

(-TO): Transitional Office Overlay