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A. Subdivision of property greater than two contiguous acres in size within Design Districts shall meet the following block standards:

1. Each block shall be a minimum of one acre and a maximum of 3.5 acres in size.

2. A block that is greater than three and one-half acres but less than five acres in size shall be allowed if a pedestrian mall or an alley is provided to create de facto blocks that meet the size requirements of this section.

B. A block face length greater than 600 feet shall require a connection through the block via an alley or pedestrian mall.

C. Blocks may exceed the maximum block size or block length for the purposes of right-of-way dedication for new streets as long as the new block size and length are in greater conformance with these standards.

D. Lot Standards

1. No minimum lot width shall apply, unless otherwise specified within the applicable frontage or building type standards.

2. Except for townhouse and detached rowhouse lots, every lot shall abut a public street or pedestrian mall.

3. Townhouse and Detached Rowhouse Lots

Townhouse and detached rowhouse lots can abut along a public street or alley, pedestrian mall, or common access drive serving the townhouse units.