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Sec. 13.9 Phased Development

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Preliminary plats and site plans shall indicate proposed phasing, with no individual phase exceeding 50 acres.

A. Phasing plans shall be included in the first submittal and shall be reviewed and evaluated as part of the overall development.

1. Off-site improvements are excluded from phasing; however, they may be required within a certain phase to satisfy overall development requirements.

2. Phases shall be designed to ensure the efficient construction of future phases. Each phase of a development shall be designed and function with the utilities, fire protection, right-of-way infrastructure, and stormwater management necessary to serve that phase.

3. Each phase shall contain the minimum tree coverage percentage as required per Sec. 8.3, Tree Protection and Tree Coverage.

4. Lot numbers shall not be duplicated within different phases of the same subdivision.

B. All rights-of-way and/or easements for public infrastructure servicing the respective phase must be recorded with the first plat.

C. Water and sewer extension permit applications for each individual phase of the project are required after plan approval.

D. No land-disturbing activity in a subsequent phase shall commence until:

1. The first asphalt layer of the street or other vehicular system of the previous phase has been laid and inspected; and

2. The lot(s) in the previous phase have been stabilized, inspected, and approved per the County and State sedimentation and erosion control standards.