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A. Except in Design Districts, connectivity shall be defined by the ratio of links to nodes in any subdivision.

1. The connectivity ratio shall be the number of street links divided by the number of nodes or end links, including cul-de-sac heads.

2. A link shall be any portion of a street, other than an alley, defined by a node at either end. Stub-outs to adjacent property shall be considered links. For the purpose of determining the number of links in a development, boulevards, median-divided roadways, and divided entrances shall be treated the same as conventional two-way roadways.

3. A node shall be:

a. The terminus of a street or the intersection of two or more streets. A divided entrance shall only count once.

b. Where a street curves so that any two adjacent 100-foot chords thereof form an angle of 120 degrees or less, measured along the centerline of the street, such curve shall receive credit as a node.

B. Connectivity in Design Districts

For Design Districts, see Sec. 16.4, Streetscape, Right-of-Way, and Block/Lot Standards.