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Signs which have been officially designated as Landmark Signs pursuant to Sec. 3.16, Historic District or Landmark Designation, and which retain those dimensional, locational, and lighting standards that the sign possessed when it received such a designation shall enjoy the following privileges.

A. Shall be allowed to remain on roofs or exceed height limits found elsewhere in this Article.

B. Shall be allowed to exceed dimensional limits found elsewhere in this Article.

C. Shall be allowed to reference a product or business which is not related to the existing business on the property.

D. Shall not, if the sign is not related to an existing business, have the sign area deducted from the square footage of sign area granted by other standards of this Article.

E. Shall be allowed to remain in a right-of-way unless it becomes a hazard to traffic.

F. Shall be allowed to retain its original lighting patterns and materials.