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Development agreements may be approved by the applicable governing body, pursuant to NCGS Chapter 160D, Article 10 (formerly §160A-400.20 et seq. and §153A-349.1 et seq.) and the following requirements shall apply:

A. The proposed development within the agreement shall adhere to the provisions of this section unless ordinance requirements or standards are varied by the approved development agreement.

B. Development agreements shall not:

1. Allow uses and/or housing types that are not allowed in the underlying zoning district of the subject property.

2. Reduce environmental requirements within Article 4, Zoning Districts, and Article 8, Environmental Protection.

C. A public hearing by the Planning Commission, in accordance with paragraph 3.5.9, Action by the Planning Commission, shall be required for any development agreement application that proposes modification to standards of this section or is associated with a zoning map change.

D. The following shall be required prior to the official submittal of a development agreement proposal:

1. A pre-submittal meeting with the Planning Department and any other applicable departments and agencies.

2. A neighborhood meeting pursuant to paragraph 3.2.3, Neighborhood Meeting.